Friday, May 20, 2005

Jess Nevins

"I am, I admit, something of a geek. I use my time in ways that most folks will find useless. Among the things I do is annotate comic books. You understand that I don't find this a useless waste of time. And, for some people, the fruits of my labors are entertaining and welcome, and that's enough for me."

Includes: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen/Top Ten/Kingdom Come. Outstanding resource, endorsed by Moore himself.

Also see his sites Fantastic Victoriana,"a descriptive listing of around 750 characters, concepts, and places from 19th century science fiction, fantasy, horror fiction, mystery fiction, adventure fiction, dime novels and penny dreadfuls," and Pulp & Adventure Heroes of the Pre-War Years, where "at last count there were 1770 characters listed on the site; I cover not just the major characters, like Doc Savage, the Shadow, and the Spider (the Big Three), but second-tier characters like the Night Wind, the first Spider, and Rafferty."

Warning: Geocities sites.


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