Thursday, January 26, 2006

Opinion - All Star Superman 2

Nearly two decades ago, Alan Moore asked “Whatever happened to the man of tomorrow?” At last, we have an answer: he’s been hiding out inside the head of Grant Morrison.

While the plot of Morrison’s arc is not exactly revolutionary (Luthor manipulates Superman into a death-trap) and the book is proceeding on it’s own terms, which some people may consider leisurely to be sure, what makes this series so terrific in my book is the how Morrison and his artists have made this character interesting again.

All-star Superman has everything I love about the Superman character. Issue 2 in particular showcases long abandoned elements of the character, particularly his intellectual prowess and imagination. This interpretation of Superman gives us back the hero who uses reason and creativity to solve his problems. He’s a scientist and a romantic, not some thug that’s only good for holding up collapsing buildings and melting alien despots’ faces with his heat vision. This Superman is always learning, always testing himself and trying to find ways to make his world better using his powers to push the frontiers of the known universe.

While most writers see the character’s incredible superiority to humans as an obstacle, Morrison is clearly embracing the possibilities of a man of near limitless power. He gives us a Man of Steel that captures all of the fun and whimsical elements of his fifties counter-part while imbuing these qualities with a post-modern sensibility that makes the character feel new and alive.

It’s fantastic, fun and my favorite interpretation of the character in years.

PS – not to diminish the work of Frank Quitely and everyone else who contributes to the look of this book by focusing solely on Morrison. The art in this series is second to none and everything from the colors to the lettering helps make this a beautiful comic.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Jeremy Forson

Jeremy Forson

Courtesy of Drawn!.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Diabolikal Super-Kriminals!