Thursday, February 02, 2006

Seth Fisher Passes Away

J.H. Williams III has very sad news over at Barbelith Underground.

Illustrator Seth Fisher has died.

Fisher illustrated comic books, among other things. He had a style reminiscent of Moebius, Darrow, and Quitely – detailed, specific, and exacting. His line work was both delicate and confident, always in perfect balance, always deliberate yet artful.

Fisher graduated from Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colorado with a degree in mathematics in 1994.

In 1994, I lived in Colorado Springs.

I may have bumped into Seth Fisher at one of the local coffee shops or at the Underground. He may have sat in the booth behind my own at the Village Inn, where I routinely took my coffee and cigarettes. There’s no way of knowing if our lives ever intersected in such a fashion, but there’s a real possibility that they did.

Our lives intersect with one another every day. We have no way of knowing which encounter will one day gain some significance or resonance.

I look at Fisher’s work, so like some arcane filigree, and I feel it captures an elusive truth – that we are all connected by thin, invisible lines - delicate and precise, intersecting and parallel. Our lives are given full definition not by the broad strokes, but by the razor thin ornaments whose beauty and perfection we do not appreciate until they are brought into stark relief by some strange circumstance.

I didn’t know Seth Fisher, but today I miss him. A shared space and time links our lives, and I was a fan of his art.

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